Saturday, September 26, 2009

Beauty Tips for Latina Moms

Last month, research on Latinas’ attitude towards beauty was released by Univision Communications. It came as no real surprise that beauty is extremely importance to Latinas because of the way it "instills confidence, makes us feel younger and improves our self-esteem." And many Latinas felt that outward beauty reflects inner beauty. In fact, 69 percent of Latinas (vs. 46 percent of non-Latinas) agree that "It's very important to wear makeup and look good."

Mamás play a major role in their daughter’s perception of beauty. They are the ones on the "frontlines" so to speak, encouraging their children to take good care of their appearance. According to the study, a whopping 73 percent of Latina moms (vs. 57 percent of non-Latinas) agreed that "I influence my children to take care of their skin, hair, appearance" and 67 percent of Latinas (vs. 50 percent of non-Latinas) agreed that their mothers had a significant impact on their hygiene practices.

So naturally, beauty brands like Avon, Caress, Cover Girl, Dove, Garnier, L'Oreal, Mary Kay, Maybelline, Olay and Pantene have been focusing their marketing funds on Spanish-language media. And new beauty product lines specifically for Latinas, like La Matadora and Latin Girl Cosmetics, are popping up with relative success.

As a Latina mom, I am often torn between the desperate need for speed and/or comfort and the desire to be feminine, beautiful, and, yes, maybe just a teensy bit sexy. I have found a most helpful little widget which I have added to my sidebar. The Beauty Tip of the Day widget is designed to give daily beauty tips from some of the Unilever brands that I use, like Vaseline, Q-tips, Pond's and Dove. Just click on the picture to get today's beauty hint. I hope you, dear readers, find it as useful as I do!

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