Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shopping for Navidad: Culturally-Inspired Gifts

Tostobueno® offers its “Trio” that makes three plantain chips at once. And if you want to make plantain cups to stuff with any filling you can imagine, just flip it over and place the slice in a deep flat bottom mold for three perfect cups every time. This Old Fashioned Plantain Smasher™ will help you get away from boring party food and serve an exotic dish that’s eaten in Latin America and throughout the Caribbean every day. Tostobueno® is the Ultimate Tostonera® because it takes an old fashioned idea and puts a new age spin on it. For more information, visit

Gregorio Ties is a unique company who specializes in cultural designs on high-quality products. Their stunning handmade 100% silk ties, feature designs that tell a distinct story of Latino culture. Their new collections for Fall 2009 include Guadalupe, Lotería and Duality. This year, they launched their new silk scarf collection for women. "What motivates our Virgin of Guadalupe design is her message of love and compassion, her promise to help and protect all mankind." To learn more about the design, please visit

Los Pollitos Dicen (The Little Chicks Say) are so cute and reminicent of Latin childhood's that they'll have you singing "Pio, Pio, Pio'' with your little ones.The t-shirts, onesies and hats are 100% cotton, American-made and most are packaged in a wooden keepsake box. It's the perfect new baby gift all year round. Pick up your LPD products at

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