Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Hola, Amigas!
My name is Monica Olivera Hazelton and I am the co-owner of Latin Baby, an on-line baby boutique that caters to Hispanic American families. The goal of this blog is to provide Latina mothers (or soon-to-be-mothers) with valuable information on a variety of topics in an easy and informal setting. From mothers to toddlers, health to fashion, safety to education, Mi Cielito Lindo is here to help you make informed choices, treat you to new styles and answer questions (or at least point you in the right direction.) Please don't hesitate to let me know if there is something you'd like to see on this blog...
A little bit about me...I am a work from home mami of two, whose work day really begins after la familia goes to bed. Like many of you, I have trouble saying "no," and am involved in too many projects - but all of them worth the effort. I run three blogs, two web sites, and hundreds of little projects on the side. I staunchly believe in supporting Latina mamis everywhere, especially those in need and am always searching for good non-profits to feature.
I quilt when I can, but mostly spend the day running after niños while trying to sneak in trips to the post office, processing orders, and answering emails. I used to be a compulsive reader, but now most of my reading revolves around children's literature and entrepreneurial magazines. I still cannot enter a bookstore, though, without buying something.
To all of my fellow Mamás -
¡Felicidades! You have the best (and the most difficult) job in el mundo - this one is for you!
Con mucho cariño,

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Andrea said...

Hola Monica,

I've just recently started my own mommy blog, since I felt it was a natural step for me as an expectant mom, so thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn from you as well. I saw that you've joined the list of Latina bloggers on Bilingual In the Boonies' site, and thought I'd contact you :o), as a fellow Latina blogger.What's the best place to send you an email to invite you to participate in a fun fashion fusion campaign? Mil gracias,
Andrea Urioste

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