Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Waiting for Bebé: A Pregnancy Guide for Latinas

Traditionally, we Latinas have had higher fertility rates than non-Latinas in the United States. Big surprise. Unfortunately, we are also more likely to die of pregnancy-related complications than white women. And Latinas are at higher risk to encounter health problems during pregnancy, including gestational diabetes and gall bladder disease. We even have the highest rates of neural tube defects during pregnancy, due to lack of proper consumption of folic acid.

I consider myself to be a somewhat on the ball woman, and throughout both of my pregnancies I was the type of mom who went out and bought books/magazines researching how to have the healthiest pregnancy (well, okay, not so much with the second one), but a few months ago I was amazed to discover how much I didn't know, but should have known when I stumbled upon this fantastic book. It is one that I wish I had read when I was pregnant and strongly feel it is one that every pregnant Latina - or even those thinking about starting a family - should have.

Waiting for Bebé: A Pregnancy Guide for Latinas is one of my number one recommendations for Latinas. Lourdes Alcañiz is the author and has a fantastico web site describing the book. The web site also has a Spanish equivalent for those not comfortable with the English language.

Check it out here.

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