Sunday, January 6, 2008

Día de los Reyes!

Well, after 4 trips to Best Buy and almost $400 poorer, I have finally repaired my computer which had a mild case of the "Lights Out" syndrome. Sorry to get behind on the posts, but así es la vida!

For those of you celebrating Día de los Reyes, here are a few links to some great sites with information on the holiday as well as some events in the San Francisco area....

For some great ideas on how to celebrate the holiday with your niños, click here. There are some nice family activities.

Also, check out this great site with some in-depth information on each of Los Reyes and a description of how to celebrate the day Puerto Rican-style from El Boricua, a monthly cultural magazine.

And lastly, here is a description and schedule for the Coro Hispano de San Francisco which is celebrating with six musical performances with music that spans 400 years from the areas of Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Wish I could go!!!

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