Thursday, November 22, 2007

America's REAL First Thanksgiving...

Once again, Marisa Treviño of Latina Lista opens my eyes and makes me shout "woo-HOO!" with one of her enlightening posts. I encourage all Latina mamis to check out her post about America's first true Thanksgiving which actually occurred 56 years prior to Plymouth Rock, in the town of St. Augustine, Florida. Be proud, Amigas, to learn that the preferred language at this historic event was actually Spanish, not English as we have been led to believe!
In addition, Treviño highlights children's book, America's REAL First Thanksgiving by author Robyn Gioia, a fifth grade elementary school teacher from the community of Ponte Vedra just outside of St. Augustine.
I firmly believe that it is muy importante for our children to learn the true history of our country and the major role that Hispanics played in its founding and establishment. Be proud of your heritage, Mi'jitos!
To view Latina Lista's post, click here.
To order Gioia's book, click here.

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