Sunday, November 25, 2007

Losing our Culture a Little Bit at a Time?

El Paso Community College has a local history project called "Borderlands" in which English students research and write on topics of importance to the Texas-New Mexico-Mexico border. Each year, the student editors turn their research papers into feature articles and they are published in the El Paso Times. While reviewing the website and all of the articles of the past years, I stumbled upon one titled "Traditional Hispanic Children's Games Disappear" by Guadalupe G. Castillo. This is a fascinating yet sad little piece about how traditional children's games have been replaced by fancy store-bought toys.

What's happening to our imagination, People? HACK! It's being stifled by materialism.

Late at night in the dark, as I stumble over toys around my own house trying not to awaken my family as I get ready for bed, I am quickly reminded that I, too, am suffering from the "Too Many Toys" Syndrome. I think that tomorrow I will initiate a good game of bebe leche and dig out all those bottle tops in the recycling cabinet....

To read this excelente article, click here.

To find out how to order the baleros shown above, or other cultural toys, visit Leos Mexican Imports by clicking here.

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