Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Bolsa Chica - Creating Beautiful Accessories

I have discovered that I have FINALLY reached the point in my mamihood where I just want a small purse. Una muy bonita, feminina y chiquitica. My youngest is now old enough that all I really need to do is carry one extra diaper for emergencies. This is a miracle. Right now my purse is mainly filled with crayons, kleenex, empty wrappers from juicebox straws, pencils, notepads for emergency picture drawing, a couple of horse dolls, and one headless rider (not the halloween kind, but rather the "oh-you-played-too-hard-and-now-its-broken" kind).
The purse itself was perfect at the time that I bought it from Target. Now it is showing the wear and tear that is my daily life - the straps are fraying, the bottom is scratched and there is a strange smell emanating from one of the side pockets (sounds just like me on a good day.) A switch has been flipped! I want something girly, and I WANT IT NOW!

Enter my latest etsy find. Don't you love this little purse from the Bolsa Chica? She has so many to choose from, but this little number is definitely my favorite. It seems very sophisticated and feminine - which is the exact opposite of my clunky brown leather job.

And to make the whole shopping experience even sweeter, the Bolsa Chica (who, incidentally, is also named Monica - no wonder I like her!) is having a summertime sale! Yippee! You can visit her etsy shop here.

And for all you crafty mamis out there, be sure to check out the Bolsa Chica's blog here. She has some great tutorials.

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