Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Sing Abuelita Sing" Contest

So last week I was surprised to find a DVD from Baby Abuelita in my mailbox. I had forgotten that I had signed up for their DVD promotion. They sent me a complimentary episode from their first DVD, appropriately titled, "Family Fiesta." The next day, I popped it in the DVD player for my kids while I had an important phone call - I figured it was a good opportunity seeing as how they are the ultimate judges in most Latin Baby reviews.
It went over huge.

All I have heard since then is "Please, may I watch the 'buelita show?" I'd rather they be outside running around and discovering the world, but their pleading got my curiosity up. SO, naturally, I did what most mamas would do and late one night, after the kids and my hubby were asleep, I watched it.

Bingo! Very cute, the voices of some of the actors reminded me of some of the friends my Nanita (grandmother) had when I was little. The episode centered around the trajes or clothing found in different Spanish-speaking countries. Very informative and entertaining.

Then I found the little note that accompanied the DVD and found out about the "Sing Abuelita Sing!" contest that runs July through September.

The contest has two components: a sing-a-long and a look-a-like.

For the Sing-a-long, all you have to do is submit a video of you or your familia singing a traditional lullabye or nursery rhyme.

For the Look-a-like, just submit a picture or drawing of you or anyone in your family who resembles one of the Baby Abuelita characters (Abuelita Rosa, Abuelito Pancho, Baby Andrea or Baby Tita).

So what are you waiting for? There are many prizes fabulosos to be won! So get out your José-Luis Orozco books and brush up on your folksongs, gente!

You can find a full description of the contest rules here.

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tati said...

Okay, I'm so glad I found your blog! I love Latin families who try to pass their culture on to their children! I am not Latin but want to pass the cultur on to my children! I'll be back


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