Sunday, September 7, 2008

Day of the Dead is Everywhere!

Only time for a quick post this evening. With one of my kids starting school tomorrow, mi casa is totally crazy. But while on a school supply shopping spree at Target last week, I stumbled across these hilarious pajamas! Is it time for Day of the Dead already? WOW! This year has FLOWN by!
At any rate, I don't think that these pictures do the actual clothes justice. The one with the black top was especially cute with the little sugar skull in the bottom corner. It was a super comfy jersey/knit. The other one was a little too loud for me. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to sleep with all that busy-ness all over me. Sugar skulls were all the rage last year (SO many showed up on etsy!) and I suspect this year will be no different.

If you'd like to purchase one or both sets, just run over to your local Target. Or you can buy them on-line here.

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