Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Random Etsy Favorites

So I am having a tough time keeping pace with la locura that is my life. I am going in twenty different directions all at the same time. I always hear about those women who find the perfect balance between their work life and their home life and wonder how they do it. My two lives constantly battle each other to gain the upper hand – like a bunch of school kids racing for the same ball until they collapse in a giant tangled heap of arms and legs.
For several weeks I have lined up things to post about, so I will do a few quick posts tonight to try and catch up.

First of all, here are a few super finds that I found on etsy. I originally intended to feature this beautiful painting on the left from Sweet Imaginations. Don’t you think it is beautiful? Wouldn’t it make a lovely gift for mamá’s birthday? Unfortunately, though, it has already sold. Ay! Sorry about that, BUT the owner does accept custom orders, and wouldn’t something similar be just as fantastic? She does, however, have many other gorgeous pieces including this little clothespin doll named Josefina. Hand painted, it stands about 4.5 inches high and, though not suitable for children under 3, it would be a great regalito for those of you with older girls. Check out her shop here.

And if you are into scrapbooking, La Chapina has some great artwork that can be used in scrapbooks or simply framed, like this watercolor of a Maya mother and baby. La Chapina has an assortment of scrapbook embellishments, beads, dolls, and other handcrafted items made in Guatemala.
You can find her shop here.

Lastly, if you are looking for some hilarious thank you cards in Spanish, check out this set of 4 hand-stamped "Muchas Gracias" cards by Melanie Kay.

You can find the listing here.

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