Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Are You Having a Crafty Chicaween?

I am a compulsive crafter. I think many Latinas are. We can't really help it - the urge to create colorful works of art is simply overwhelming. Like the twitching of our hips when we hear a good Latin beat (Samba, Mambo, you fill in the blank.)
I mean, in the last two weeks alone, I have made 4 scarecrows with my kids, painted a small and neglected (but hermosa!) table, put together a fall door wreath, started two small quilted wall hangings, worked on a felt table topper (for said mesita,) and fashioned a "Thanksgiving" tree with some branches, a rubber band, construction paper, ribbon and a pot. The tree was placed on the (surprise!) renovated little table.

My point is, I can't stop. I have totes and totes and more totes full of plaster of paris, ribbon, yarn, fabric, glues of every shape and size, glitter, beads... the list is endless. My husband constantly complains about all the "junk" upstairs in my sewing room (to which I respond with more complaints about all the "junk" in his tool shed out back.)

Anyway, all this explains the ecstasy I felt when the Artsy Majesty herself, Kathy Cano-Murillo, came out with her own line of Duncan craft projects - now available at Michaels (select stores only!) If you are one of the unfortunate ones living near one that doesn't - no te preocupes! Most, if not all, are available from

To add to the madness, if you are unsure what you can create with all the wonderful new art supplies now in your possession, Kathy has a whole page dedicated to Crafty Chicaween projects. (Don't worry, you can even make these without the official Crafty Chica paraphernalia.) From beehive wigs to shadow boxes, pumpkin-carving stencils to hot glue masks, you can find a full set of instructions on her website here.

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