Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dia de los Muertos Activities and OOAK Products

Everywhere I look I am running into products and activities for celebrating Día de los Muertos. Companies all over the country are jumping on the bandwagon to cater to Latinos who are celebrating this holiday, and it is pretty neat to see how popular the traditions associated with Day of the Dead have become. has a whole website dedicated to Día and one of the best areas is the Teacher/Parent Education Packet that they have put together. The 31 page packet includes a puzzle and word search, 4 coloring pages, and bibliography, as well as papel picado, mask and puppet projects for children. The original artwork is fantastico and created by Patrick Murillo (husband of the below mentioned Crafty Chica.) You can download the packet here.
In fact, Murillo's work is so appealing, that one of my favorite bloggers and etsy store owners, Claudia Marchán, hand-stitched one of his designs onto a little onesie that is now for sale in her shop. Isn't it adorable? Claudia's superb skill perfectly captures Murillo's illustration.

Under the Spanglish name of "Stichado," Claudia also has a hand-embroidered woman's T-shirt for sale that features José Guadalupe Posada's famous zinc etching, La Catrina. Check out the wonderful detail she has put into the stitched design!
You can find these and more of Stichado products here.

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