Monday, May 11, 2009

Latin Baby Book Club Issues 2009 Summer Reading List

Summer is almost here and many mamis are looking for activities to keep their niños busy. For some great literature ideas, be sure to check out the Latin Baby Book Club, which has just issued it's 2009 Summer Reading List. Divided into three categories, the list offers suggestions for bilingual and bicultural books appropriate for newborns all the way through high school. Parents trying to raise bilingual children will truly appreciate the efforts of the LBBC, which reviews books and music, interviews authors, announces upcoming events and more. Keep an eye out this summer as they describe activities and crafts that promote literacy in children.

With May being dubbed Latino Book Month, now is the best time to check out books written by and for Latinos. What kind of books are being recommended? Well, here are a few examples...

Quinito, Day and Night/Quinito, día y noche by Ina Cumpiano.
The story of opposites, Quinito describes simple concepts of messy and neat, old and young, happy and sad. A great bilingual book for introducing infants to words and their meanings.

Playing Loteria/El juego de la loteria by René Colato Lainez.

A beautiful story celebrating the relationship of an abuelita with her grandchild and the discovery of language through games. It even includes directions for playing the real Lotería!

Animal Poems of the Iguazu/Animalario del Iguazu by Francisco X. Alarcón.
Acclaimed poet, Alarcón, brings to life the inhabitants of Iguazú National Park, by allowing the animals to speak for themselves in the Amerindian oral tradition. Illustrated by Maya Christina Gonzalez.

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