Monday, May 25, 2009

Latina Bloggers Unite!

In the last 6 months or so, there has been a real burst of energy and networking among Latina bloggers. Last year at this time, it was a real struggle to find any blogs by Latinas. Then, like an explosion, they were popping up everywhere. The first spark began with mi amiga, Carrie, when she started a list of Latina bloggers on her blog, and invited everyone to participate. Then our of the blue comes Spanglish Baby, whose exceptional blog really started pulling in comments from Latina moms all over the country - many of whom happened to be blogueras. Next thing you know, everybody's charlando and Twitter explodes, connecting us all with our random posts(follow me... @LatinMami.) It takes up so much time that some of us only use it once or twice a week, while others can't hardly let a day go by without telling us what they had para cenar the night before.

It has been wonderful connecting with Latinas all over the country and reading their wonderful blogs. It is a comfort to women like me to see others who are experiencing similar situations, feelings, etc. And our voices are rising in song, getting stronger with every click of the "Publish Post" button.

If you haven't already found the latest and greatest ezine-style blog, check out TikiTiki. Founded by four Latinas, three of whom I consider amigas, the blog shares "stories with cultura, color y sabor." Be it daily news, inner musings, family recipes, inspirations, even videos and photos, TikiTiki is a hit. Even better, the blog is all about interaction and sharing stories, so if you have some thoughts you'd like to share, TikiTiki would like to hear from you - send them your article.

Share tus palabras, tus cuentos, quizás un poco de tu alma...

1 comment:

Ana L. Flores said...

Monica, so nice of you to mention us, SpanglishBaby, in this way. It made my day to read this!!
And, yes, everyone should be adding the TikiTiki as part of their daily reads.
So much to keep up with now in the Latina world! Love it

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