Friday, October 5, 2007

Bilingual? Si!

Recently, I have found a number of on-line resources for bilingual families. Having discussed the issue of raising bilingual children with some friends and family, I am always upset to hear stories of parents who don't want their children to speak Spanish because they want them to "assimilate" - what an incredibly sad disservice they are doing! In my own family I see how with each generation, more and more Spanish is lost and I am deeply distressed.
My great-grandmother arrived from San Luis Potosi many, many years ago. She spoke very little English, but was determined to make a great life here in the states for her family and went on to establish one of the best Mexican food restaurants in Dallas (well, for as long as it lasted, anyway...) My grandmother and mother both are completely bilingual, flowing easily between the two languages. While I understand it perfectly, time, distance from my family and lack of opportunities cause me to really struggle sometimes to remember the correct conjugation of certain verbos... Sometimes, when I am talking with my papa and other family in Spain, the Spanish just flows freely and easily out of my mouth, but at othertimes it is like someone shot both my mouth and my brain full of novacaine. I worry that I do not speak enough Spanish to my children and frequently am delightfully surprised but also ashamed and angry to learn that DORA is teaching my daughter more Spanish than I am!
SO in my desire to show my support of the familia bilingüe, the next several posts will focus on resources for bilingual families. Un abrazo fuerte a todos vosotros who are dedicated (and maybe even struggling) to raise their children with a foot in both worlds...

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