Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sweet Relief!

Well, after a whirlwind two weeks in Texas, I am finally back home listening to the soft clicking sound of my keyboard in the silence of the night as my husband and children sleep soundly. Like so many mom-trepreneurs, it is in the wee hours of the night that I conduct most of my business. Mainly because it is the only uninterrupted time I get all day.

It was so wonderful to visit Texas and visit with family and friends. Unfortunately, it went way too fast for me as most of my time was either spent at our Latin Baby booth at the State Fair or tending to two sick kids. Lucky me, both my kids came down with the flu while we were there. The older one is almost all better, the younger one is still having a very difficult time which required a call to the doctor's office today and I am a little bit worried.

But enough of that and on to the news!

This year's Fair was overall fantastic. We did better than last year, but we were there all four weeks instead of just two, and we were really surprised with the final tally, earning more than we had thought. Things seemed slower this year and after talking with so many vendors, it sounds as though all of them suffered a bit. So many complaints about how far behind they were this year compared to last year.

At any rate, we are so grateful to all of our wonderful customers who came out and stopped by our booth to take advantage of "State Fair Specials" and to preview our new Christmas and Toddler lines. We are very pleased with the debut of our "Abuelita's Corazoncito" design and have already almost sold out of it. No worries! More are on the way!

And over the next few days, I hope to post some interesting links to some of the other vendors who were at the Mundo Latino exhibit with us.

Un abrazo fuerte a todos!

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