Sunday, October 28, 2007

Traditional Originals?

If you are looking for a classic children's gift with a Spanish touch, check out these fantastic heirloom-quality set of 28 Spanish alphabet wood blocks available at Magellan's Toy Shop. This fantastico set is complete with Ñ, CH, LL and more. Each block features four alphabets, numbers in Spanish and a side with animals and their Spanish names. Made of basswood they come with two embossed sides, beveled edges and non-toxic inks.

Need a baby shower game? How about having each guest take a turn stacking a block and having them tell what they think is an important building block for life. The winner is the last person to successfully stack a block before the tower falls - not the person who topples the stack.

Or, for a Spanish baby shower game version, try having each guest pick a block and name a (baby) word that contains that letter - i.e, pañales for Ñ, botella for LL, etc.

Also, these blocks are great for decorating a Spanish baby shower, and afterwards, the mother-to-be gets to keep the blocks!

A fantastic find for only $34.50!

To see these and other great Spanish gifts, click here.

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