Monday, October 29, 2007

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss...

During both my pregnancies and afterwards (as I nursed each baby), I kept my rose-colored glasses on which helped me to envision how skinny I would become as I nursed my kids. But strangely enough, it didn't happen in the blink of an eye as I was expecting. In fact, after weaning my daughter at a year (she basically weaned herself), I was still waiting for the miraculous moment that all my little fat cells would suddenly disappear. Then 6 months later, I was pregnant again, and it was "Oh, well. I'll lose it all again when the next one is born and I start nursing."
Here I am almost two years later and I am still 10 lbs heavier than I was before I got pregnant the first time. But now I am a little more complacent and relaxed (I state, typing this with one hand while sticking a Reese's Pieces in my mouth with the other).
But imagine my excitement as I read about the fantastico info released by the USDA last week. They have now released their first food pyramids for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers as well as a pyramid for mothers who are trying to lose weight while breastfeeding. Yippee! But wait...too late for me --- BUT NOT FOR ALL YOU expectant and new mamás out there. Take advantage - you will definitely appreciate it later!

To check out the site in English, click here.

Para Español, aqui.

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