Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spanish Themed Dollhouses

Wow. Can you believe this? I would have died for such a cool dollhouse like this one when I was una chiquitica. In fact, I would have to admit that I started squealing when I saw this on etsy. It is by Adobe Dollhouse Shop. They have two listed and I couldn't quite decide which one I love more. I think maybe the Southwest Mexican Dollhouse because I am such a sucker for arches. How about you? Southwest Mexican (right) or Southwest Spanish (left)?

And on the inside, both houses have a little tiny fireplace (Oooo!) and stained doors and stairways (Aaahhh!) Who knew anything so neat existed? I thought about buying one right away, but then realized, my kids are still too little and might break something which would cause me intense mental and emotional anguish. Perhaps I will wait just a little while longer. Or perhaps, I will have to buy and take care of it myself until they are older....much, much older.

They are a little pricey, but certainly worth it, I would think. On the other hand, wouldn't this make a super science project? Have the kids research different types of structures and then create their own. Hmmmm......

But, if you are like me, then you should just scoot on over to etsy. You can buy one here.

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