Saturday, July 5, 2008

Latin Baby Book Club Sneak Preview

Caramba! Has it really been three weeks since I have posted? Time really flies when you're... moving! The last month has been a complete blur for me. All within a few days of our first real family vacation since moving to NC, we suddenly had the opportunity to buy some property that seemed to fit our little familia perfectly. Throw in last minute wholesale orders that came in two days before we left and you can imagine my hysteria. Paperwork (and most of our dinero) started flying everywhere and we closed during the second week of June and had all of 5 days to move everything into our new house before we took off on our ridiculously long road trip to TX followed by another 14 hr trip to NM for a week of camping with family and friends (I would, by the way, HIGHLY recommend Quemado Lake in the Gila National Forest for anyone looking to do a little camp out this summer.) Anyhoooo, we returned happy, but totally exhausted (and anti long-term car rides) to a wonderful new house stacked full of boxes. My new home looks like a packaging company threw up, but I am ecstatic as our new place has several buildings on it including barns, a guest house and a separate space for Latin Baby offices and product storage! Woohoo!

To celebrate all the great things that have happened (despite the insane scheduling) I am happy to grant my loyal readers a sneak peak of the official Latin Baby Book Club that will launch on August 1st. A little brainstorm that arose after reading mi amiga's blog - I don't think I overlapped any of her recommendations, but be sure to check out her favorites here.

To add to the festivities, I am going to giveaway a copy of the very popular De Colores and other Latin-American Folk Songs for Children by José-Luis Orozco. So leave me a comment or drop me an email, Sisters! I always love to hear from you.

Thanks to all of you who have posted comments or sent emails. I will try to respond when time permits. It's great to be back in the madness!

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Anonymous said...

So excited to hear about this! I'm always visiting your blog and store but just lurk around. Our daughter just turned one so I've kicked it into high gear on the bilingual front - I've bought more books and CDs than I know what to do with! I look forward to the book club!

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