Monday, November 10, 2008

My Pink Turtle Studio Transforms Perceptions of Frida

There are few things I like better than discovering a new artist. I love gazing at beautiful art, and marveling at the talent it takes to create such fine pieces of work. One of the best things, though, is being able to share my "discoveries" with you.
Allow me to introduce Lulu of My Pink Turtle Studio. I recently stumbled upon her store and immediately me quedé enamorada with her folk art paintings and collages. I wanted to buy a dozen different prints and decorate my daughter’s (and maybe my own?) bedroom. I am having a tough time choosing, but hope to pick out a few as Christmas presents.
Lulu lives in Canada (Southern Quebec to be exact), but she loves all things Mexican and has traveled throughout Mexico where she has fallen in love with "la gente, el arte, la comida, todo!" And Frida.
Seriously, Amigas, who knew that Frida Kahlo would influence so MANY people? All my life I have grown up thinking of her as such a tragic figure – suffering, bitter and tormented. Now, however, this image is slowly being changed by artists (like Lulu) who are portraying her as beautiful, peaceful and even childlike.
I had a tough time picking out a single picture to post here, so I just tried very hard to narrow it down to two. But I encourage you to visit her store to see the many other pieces that she has for sale at a very reasonable price. In fact, for the entire month of November, Lulu has a sale going on to celebrate her new shop and for every two prints that you buy, you can get the 3rd free!
Don’t like Frida? No problema! She has many other subjects including fairies, princesses, angels, etc. Some are blonde, some are brunette, some have Spanish words on the painting, and some have French - a lovely variety of subjects to suit your needs. On top of selling at Etsy and Ebay, Lulu says that she also does commissioned paintings and will be more than happy to do a painting following the size and subject specifications of particular clients.
And for those of you interested in a little more, like I am, Lulu also has the most delightful blog which you can visit here.

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