Thursday, November 13, 2008

Spanish Baby Shower Decorations

I have so many people coming to my web sites looking for information on how to throw a Latin baby shower - from phrasing the invitations, to games to play, food to serve, and how to decorate. Latin Baby has set up several informative web pages on this topic at the Latin Baby web site and also on Squidoo. But I am always keeping a careful eye out for new products or ways to celebrate this special occasion.

I was delighted to find ¡Ay Mujer!s shop which features a number of papel picado designs for decoration. There are a few businesses out there doing papel picado, but Ay Mujer stands out because they will do custom picados for a reasonable price AND because if you are looking for something quick, they already have a baby shower themed set ready to go. Or, if you are looking for something different and beautiful, they have other designs to suit any number of occasions (wedding, anniversary, birthday, etc.)

Yreina and Elsa Flores, "two sisters living deep in the California desert," are the artists behind the company. Their shop offers other products besides the papel picado, including jewelry, art and traditional, beaded moccassins. The moccassins are maravillosos! I just am so impressed by their artistic talent.
To order your set of papel picado, check out their shop here.

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