Saturday, January 24, 2009

Magazine for Young Girls Fights to Improve Their Self-Image

For all you mamis out there of young girls ages 8 to 15, here is a company you need to know about! New Moon Girls Media is a company dedicated to creating a healthier media environment for girls. Their goal is help teach young girls to recognize and resist the negative stereotypes and media that they are exposed to on a regular basis. They believe in building a girl’s confidence so that they are able to develop self-esteem, positive body image, and healthy relationships.

On their website,, girls are able to read educational articles and interviews, share their creative work through portfolios, participate in adult-moderated discussions, and much, much more--all in a safe, supportive community created by girls for girls.

The November/December issue of their print magazine focused on Pride and Prejudice. Inside you can read about how girls just like your daughters experience both pride and prejudice. It's a great issue for girls who want to be inspired and change the world!

Membership includes 6 issues of their print 100% advertising-free magazine, 12 months unlimited on-line access, fully moderated chats, the ability to share their poetry, artwork, videos, and so much more. You also get 30 days free, when you subscribe.

Now mi hija is not old enough yet for this type of thing, but I fully intend to sign her up when she is. I know how much I would have loved this as a girl and I know she will, too. And one of the big selling points for me is that the site is fully moderated AND that it is guaranteed safe for children (it is a PrivoLock enabled website.)

If this sounds like something your girl would love, check out their website here for more information and to see all the activities/pages it offers.

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