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Las Misadventuras de una Mamá Adoptiva

Hi, It's JoAnna again from chilly Texas ! Okay, I never thought I'd say that, but it's pretty cold down here... I thought I'd post this week about something I know many have had to go through when they are adopting, just as my husband and I did. You can read more on our adoptions on my website.

Las Misadventuras de una Mamá Adoptiva
The Misadventures of an Adoptive Mommy

Long ago, in a land far away, and after a long and beautiful courtship, Jerry & JoAnna were married in a candlelight ceremony, surrounded by family. This is how the fairy tale began, but the circus that it is today is a different story altogether !

You see, we got married and at the time thought we’d set up the 5 and 10 year plans and all would go according to schedule, and well, there were other plans in store for us.

After trying to conceive for a couple of years, we found we were unable to. Thanks to the grace of God and my “Tia Metíche” (Busybody Aunt) we were given the opportunity to adopt our beautiful baby girl in 2002. Then again my Tia had a hand in 2005 when we brought home 3 gorgeous little brothers.

So we went from being total DINK’s+doggy (dual income NO kids) to a family of 6+3 doggies in a matter of 3 years. As you can imagine the adjustments for all were quite harrowing at times, but the circus that ensued has been just grand !

Here’s the list of things I never imagined would happen, but did !

1. No one prepared me for diaper changes !
I didn’t have the 9 months of becoming a mommy and then about a year of un-stinky baby poop to prepare me for the ugliness that would greet me when I first changed the diaper of our precious 15 month old baby. OH MY GOODNESS – that was really scarry ! My Mom kept telling me that I’d get used to it, but I didn’t and our precious poop monster was potty trained in record time !

2. Never feed a 15 month old an entire granola bar.
Okay, so this one was not my fault… let me explain. We had just adopted our little girl and we were in Mexico City waiting for an appointment at the US Consulate. I had to run and make copies and find a notary while Daddy stayed with the baby for while. When I returned, there was an onslaught of poop and no explanation. 4 diaper changes later, Daddy fessed up and told me he’d given her a granola bar as a snack. We vowed to hold off on granola until the potty training was complete.

3. Their favorite words

Being that we didn’t have children and from one day to the next had a toddler on our hands, the adjustment period for me was shockingly fast. About 3 weeks after bringing our new little one home I found her in front of the TV with a very distinct “chin*%^$” on her lips and pointing the remote all the while. Ooooops ! We quickly explained that that was not a nice word, but it didn’t really matter and it became her favorite. As you can imagine that word made it’s way into conversation just because she felt like it ! Today it has stopped and she regularly corrects me !

4. Toothpaste can be found in the most unusual of places
Everyday I am amazed by the amount and location of toothpaste that we’ve found in our home. From the ceiling fans to the couch, in the DVD player and in their hair, my 3 boys have found new and industrious uses for it and Im sure that one day they’ll find a new and improved use for it that will change history !

5. The forbidden
This one I blame on my family and all the other mothers out there that did NOT tell me that it was a huge no-no to have stickers, markers, stamps, crayons, pencils, clay, sharpies, sticky notes and tape readily available to your children ! “We’ll set up a great craft area for them” I told my husband, at the time I thought was a good idea, but now I understand how crazy I was to allow free access to these goodies. Today our house is colorful and this home is now completely theirs, daddy & I just live in the room downstairs !

6. Heart Attacks will be frequent
Life with our little girl was beautiful, the perfect child who cleaned up after herself and loved helping Mommy. We have a 2 story home and never heard her upstairs at all – life was golden…

Then, the boys came home, they were 3, 4 and 5 when they came to live with us. The very first day we were in our home, I was calling 911 in a panic ! Our 3 year old had found a piece of hard candy and swallowed it whole, next thing I knew the other children were frantically calling me upstairs – I don’t think I’ve ever been faster in all my life. I ran upstairs and tried to dislodge the candy, but it wouldn’t budge. His little eyes were searching for help and all I could hear was this little gasp from time to time.
I put 911 on speakerphone and called for help.
The operator asked me if his lips were turning blue, to which I answered “I can’t tell, he’s too dark!” and then finally she helped me get the candy to make it’s way down his throat. He had a great time when the paramedics got here and loved his new toy – a tongue depressor !

There are so many more stories and things to tell… maybe next time !
I’d love to hear your stories too, Im sure that together we could all compile a great book.

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Monica said...

When my daughter was 3 and a half, I was washing dishes while she ate apple slices watching TV. I heard someone choking and glanced in the room and saw my son (1 and a half) standing and watching TV, so I started to go back to washing the dishes. Then I heard it again and realized it was my daughter. She stumbled into the kitchen right as I was turning to run and she was trying to shove her hand in her mouth and clawing at her throat with an occasional little scream. I thought she was choking on an apple but when she threw her head back to scream I saw metal in the back of her throat. I totally freaked, threw her upside down and began shaking her. It is only by the grace of God that a 1 inch metal washer fell out and onto the floor. She had found it in our car and put it in her pocket. Must have been playing with it and gotten confused between apple and washer. Scared me to DEATH.
So although we can look back on it now and laugh a little, I know how horrible that was for you...

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