Sunday, May 4, 2008

La Casa Azúl Now On-Line!

For all you mamás in East Harlem who may not have heard, La Casa Azúl Bookstore has officially launched its on-line bookstore. If you are having trouble waiting for the actual bookstore to open, you can now buy many great books on-line! For those of you not in El Barrio, La Casa Azúl is an independent bookstore and café (owned by fellow Comadre, Ms. Aurora Anaya- Cerda) that features the work of contemporary Latino authors and carries a number of new and used books in English and Spanish.
It is also the host of El Barrio Book Club, which meets once a month in local restaurants. You can find updates about the current book they are reading at their on-line store, so even if you live in Chicago or Los Angeles (and find it difficult to make the meetings - wink!) you can still find some great literature by keeping tabs on the Book Club’s selections.
The store even sells music from the US, Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. The on-line store is a sneak peak of the actual storefront that is due to open soon. So if you are looking to support a Latina-owned business that promotes cultural awareness and supports community education, check out La Casa Azúl Bookstore’s new on-line website by clicking here.

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