Friday, May 2, 2008

Hispanic Toys on the Rise

YIKES! A lot of possiblities today...shall I tell you about a collaboration I have been doing and the new products that will be available next week? Shall I highlight a few really cool projects that I have read about recently on some of my favorite blogs? Or highlight a new favorite blog, which features a plethora of crafts and activities for children? Or how about some neat toys I discovered yesterday?

Right. I'll wait on the collaboration and blogs, but feature some pretty neat toys I have recently stumbled upon for Hispanic families.

My kids have several toys by Play Town and Little People. I love the toys because they are great for children to role-play with and allows them to use their imaginations. I so enjoy listening to how my children funnel what they have learned about family, home and the outside world into their play time with toys like these. I recently found these little toys by Play Town that feature a Hispanic girl and boy, mom and dad. You can find these on Unfortunately, I have to buy the caucasian parents, too, since my husband is a blonde, but the others are a generic respresentation of the rest of us...I even wear my hair up most of the time like the little mamacita! Buy them from Amazon here.

I am also a GIANT fan of Brain Quest. We have a few sets here at home that I crack out on almost a daily basis with my kids. I can't tell you how super super geeked I was to run across this set of Brain Quest's Hispanic America! Here is the description put out by Brain Quest:

"Celebrate the heritage: El Cid to Selena, marimbas and the Pyramid of the Sun. HISPANIC AMERICA covers it all: history, famous people, the Arch of Carabobo, geography, "The Liberator," pop culture, hasta la vista versus hasta luego, and more. Quiz yourself, quiz your parents—quiz your big brother. The Aztecs. La raza and el boricua. Sammy Sosa and a snack of pasteles."

Hee-Hee! Definitely for older kids, but I may just go ahead and buy it for me! If you are ready to get your set, you can find them for sale here.

OOOOO! I have a few more, products to tell you about, but will have to post about them later as I hear my kids waking up from nap-time!

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