Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Abuelitas Deserve a Lot of Love

Mi mamá leaves us tomorrow after 10 days of shopping, merriment and planning. I've spent almost all the money I had saved up for the holidays, and at least have my kids' presents taken care of and my office space better organized. I'll truly miss all the help she gives me with mis niños - feeding them breakfast, reading them to sleep, changing diapers, and so much more. Does she let them watch too much television when I'm not looking? Absolutely. But she also showers them with kisses and hugs and buys them (and me) the things that we need and I can't afford.

This afternoon was the best gift - a much needed nap for me! I've been fighting a sinus infection for almost 3 weeks now and it seems to be getting the better of me. The nap was such a blessing.

And, of course, let's not forget the night off I got to actually go somewhere without a child in tow! The movie, Australia, was magnifico! I'm not a big fan of Nicole Kidman, but she did a great acting job. And now I can see what all the fuss is about Hugh Jackman! Man alive, let me just say, Sisters, it's a good thing for him that I'm married or he'd be in trouble! I think my hubby had to shut my mouth for me during the scene where Jackman is soaping up his magnifico torso. Ay, dios mio. I really owe my mami something special this Christmas!

So the point of all this is...have you got someone special in your life who helps you with the little things? Maybe it's your mami, or your tia, or your sister, or your best friend. Despite this holiday's economic crunch, why not do something really special to show your appreciation? Give them something you made yourself, or bought just for them. Make them their favorite meal, knit them a scarf with your own hands, get them the softest pajamas you can find. But remember - don't forget the card! And take the time to write down how much they mean to you.

Thank you, Mami.

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