Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Angelito Ornaments

This week has been a busy one at our casa, just as it probably is at yours. My oldest finished off her preschool week with a Christmas performance that I gleefully video taped. Of course, every breathing moment leading up to that was pure, frantic chaos. She worked hard to memorize the Christmas poem she had to stand up and recite, while I fretted over what she should wear and how to arrange her hair. My eyes were bloodshot from staying up WAY too late trying to finish making the felt angelito ornaments that I made for each of her teachers (there are four.) I was more or less happy with the finished pieces and have decided to make more for us and others as Christmas gifts. Here's a picture of what they looked like before I put them in their individual gift bags.

Now the Christmas break is here, so it is a good thing I finished shopping for the kids because between now and Christmas, I will not get to enjoy a single moment without one of them in tow. It is fine, though, provided I schedule my time wisely. For instance, I still have a few more presents to get, but shopping times will have to be planned for the early mornings as afternoons equal naptime and without naptime, shopping is hell. Actually, it is not that bad if you enjoy a crying, frothing, screaming two year old who wants to have everything in the store while the four year old keeps crawling out of the cart in a mad attempt to touch everything she sees in Tar-jay.
Morning shopping equals two docile little lambs who sweetly ask if we can get this toy or that toy, and barely blink an eye when I say "maybe" or "put it on your Christmas list." Much less stressful. I wonder about you, dear readers. Do you shop alone or with kids? or with kids and an adult backup?

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