Monday, December 22, 2008

Really, I don't need a job !

Hola y Felicidades Navideñas !

Monica has graciously invited me to join the wonderful mamitas that will be contributing to Cielito Lindo (ayy ayy ayy ayy, canta y no llores....) - sorry about the spontaneous singing.

My name is JoAnna Ordóñez. I grew up deep in South Texas and now live in the Texas Hill Country. Just about 4 years ago I decided to leave my engineering job and stay home with my family, we have been blessed with 4 children (ages 6 to 9 !) who are the light of my life. Vidriosa Glassworks has grown in many ways since I first began making glass pieces and today is a great success, and it affords me the luxury of staying home with my children. Life in our home can be very busy, but there is always time for play, travel and fun.

Really, I don't need a job !

In my business I meet so many people from many different walks of life. Art shows are a way of life for my family and I'm blessed with being able to share my story with my customers. It seems lately that every time a man who seems really interested in my work comes into my booth, they then call about 1 to 2 days later offering me a job. And not just any job, no sean mal pensadas !

A little background... In a former life, I was a Chemical Engineer and making very good money. But one day I woke up and what seemed like the perfect life, a house, a dog, 2 great cars and all the toys we could ask for, was just not my idea of what it was I really wanted out of life. Although I'd followed my parents plan of finishing school and getting a great job making lots of money, I really wanted to be a Mamí. My little sister, whose career is very important to her, gave me the whole "how could you do this to women" speech, but there was a real yearning in my heart to have little ones running around the house.

My husband of 18 years and I decided it was time to start trying for those babies and after a long run of fertility treatments we were just not able to conceive. It was by the grace of Diosito that we were able to adopt a beautiful little girl of 18 months. And then 2 years later we were blessed with 3 hermanitos. Our adoption story is a great one filled with the ups and downs and blessings that only could have come about through divine inspiration.

Fast forward to this last fall and my many art shows... It seems that every man that has come into my booth and looked interested in my product has something to offer.

From Xango to Pampered Chef, to Nona-V, Airbonne and Tupperware, there is always an offer of a way for me as a stay at home mommy and as a great sales person to make some extra income.

If they only knew, that I thoroughly enjoy being at home with my children and not having the stress of a 9 to 5 job. If they knew that Vidriosa is doing wonderfully thanks to the following and relationships I've been able to create with my customers, that to date we have over 45 wholesale accounts and counting. And, If they only knew that 25 of the 24 hours in the day are filled with childrens activities, working on my glass and craft projects with the kids, being the Arts Writer for Insite Austin Magazine , being the creator and Director of Artejanos, volunteering for Meals on Wheels and our ACTS Community, playing Bunko with the ladies, and keeping the house in "semi" order, they would never even dream of offering me a job !

Thankfully Vidriosa has blessed me with more business than I can keep up with in a day and I really don't need a job !

I'd love to hear from you and your experiences with this "dilemma" and if you're doing this I applaud you, I just really don't have time for another job. You can find me online at Vidriosa Glassworks and on facebook and myspace too.

Many blessings to you and yours.

Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo - I want to wish you a merry christmas, I want to wish you a merry christmas, I want to wish you a merry christmas from the bottom of my heeearrrrt !

~* My children are singing too ! *~


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Claudia said...

Hola JoAnna!
Feliz Año Nuevo!

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