Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Feliz Navidad from Latin Baby and Mi Cielito Lindo

A little note to wish you all a wonderful Noche Buena and a very Feliz Navidad.
Mis niños are drunk on the excitement and the anticipation of all the goodies they think they will be getting. Already they have received so many gifts from family friends that I think I will have to take some of mine back. No child should have so many toys.
Friday morning will be spent going through "old" toys and filling the Goodwill box. A nice way to end the year by giving to those that are in need that which we do not. In fact, I will be combing through my closet and the coat closet as well, to dispense with our excess. How many of you are like me with sweaters/shirts/dresses/shoes sitting in your closet that are either too small (yes) or too big (no)? Or maybe there is an outfit that has nothing wrong with it, but is rarely worn?
I will post pictures next week, so that by promising to do so, I will be forced to carry out this plan rather than just talking about it.
I wonder, Amigas, would any of you care to join me? Let me know if you, too, will give generously and selflessly to those who have less this year. Send me a picture and I will post both it and your story.
With warmest holiday wishes from mi familia to yours,

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