Friday, March 28, 2008

Dresses Carried by CWDKids Reflecting Latino Patterns

You cannot imagine how excited I was to see that C W D Kids has this beautiful little dress for sale right now! Called the Fiesta Dress by Flapdoodles, it is so pretty with the colorful smocking around the front and back. But my favorite part is the delicate embroidery along the hem. Maybe I should buy one for my daughter this year and bigger sizes for each year after that? Hmmm.

They also have a Mayan inspired dress set that is equally gorgeous with smocking along the shoulders and waist and more intricate embroidery above the hem. It is a tunic style dress in shades of lime, pink and orange (unfortunately not on sale, but worth every penny!)

And they have a fun watermelon collection by Young Colors, of which my favorite is the Watermelon Tiered Dress. The pinks and greens go together nicely, while the ruffled skirt and drawstring neck give it a peasant-dress feeling.

To view these and more, click here.

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