Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Wonderful Discovery and New Favorite...

Okay, Amigas...I am pretty excited about this next artist and her products. I stumbled upon the CATbox Art Studio by accident while I was surfing etsy, and woohoo!

Cathy Ashworth is the artist behind the studio. Based out of LA, she produces a lot of Latino art and takes most of her inspiration from Dia de los Muertos and Frida Kahlo. She creates art on everything from mirrors to necklaces, greeting cards, calendars and more. I was especially excited about the little pocket mirrors that come with their own velvet pouch, like the ones shown here. Don't you think they would be a great gift for Mother's Day?

Frida is such a tragic figure, but somehow Cathy (aka Cat) infuses her with so much warmth - which is not a term I typically use to describe Frida. That signature monobrow (which I have occasionally found to be unnatural and even ugly in some artwork) is transformed into something so beautiful. As you can see from the collage, Cathy does paint non-Frida subjects, as well. And all together, I have a very difficult time choosing a favorite. I tried sending my mother some links to the pieces that I liked "best" and wound up sending her an email filled with so many links that she might as well have just gone to the web site itself and just looked at everything.

I think what really draws me to Cathy's artwork is the way she uses color. Her pieces are bold and rich and sassy. I'll chalk it up to the Latina in me, but I just can't get enough color. You know that scene in Fools Rush In where Matthew Perry arrives home to discover that Salma Hayek's family painted their house every color in the rainbow? That's me. Or it would be, except that my husband and I are still renting a house in town. Hmmm. Maybe my husband knows me too well.

At anyrate, if you would like to check out Cathy's wonderful website (and I know you do,) you can do so here. You can also purchase some of her products at her etsy boutique.

I would also highly recommend you visit her blog, Chaos in a CATbox. It features many of her most recently finished artwork and has some great links.

(Please keep in mind that all of Cathy's artwork is officially registered with the Copyright Office in DC.)

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Sprittibee said...

That is AMAZING artwork. I love love love it! Thanks for posting it. :) I love to paint and do artwork of all kids. The kids are working on a weaving right now that my friend from church taught us how to do (she used to be a missionary in Ecuador).

Have fun at the blog party!!! :)

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