Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fashion Deals....

Upa! It suddenly occurred to me that I have not posted on any fashion topics for a while. Naturally, my first impulse is to check out Motherwear to see what they have on sale and... BINGO! They have tons of great items for you ladies to check out, though I've narrowed my choices down to two.

The first is this super "On the Go Dress" that is on sale for only 18.95!!! (Normally priced at $59.00) I love this dress because it is simple, sexy, flattering and never likely to go out of fashion. It can be worn while nursing or even if you are not. A great addition to any mamá's wardrobe.

Motherwear also has a bunch of nursing bras on sale. However, I think the one I like best is the "Wrap 'N Snap" nursing bra from La Leche League. I adore the print and it looks SO comfy. I wish that I had known about these when I was nursing my kids. What the hay - I may just go ahead and buy one anyway!

To check out these yummy products, visit Motherwear's site here.

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