Thursday, July 24, 2008

Are You Famous?

First of all... Carla? Are you out there? You are the winner of the De Colores book by Jose-Luis Orozco! Send me an email (admin at latinbabyusa dot com) with your shipping info so I can send it out asap! And thanks for reading!
Busy, busy, busy! I'm exhausted physically, but my mind can't shut down. It is already thinking about next week, and the week after that. Does this sound familiar?
Carrie has hit it on the head about mamas trying to do a hundred things at once every day of the week. We really do need to slow it down and enjoy el momento - especially me. I rarely sit down long enough to watch a show on tv, but the other night there was a program on PBS about fame (a hilarious program hosted by John Cleese.) In it, they discussed (among other things) how parents are the famous people in a child's life. The first people our children draw are their family members.
Anyhow, I started thinking about my favorite art piece given to me by my daughter. Created of construction paper, markers, googly eyes and macaroni, it is a picture of both my face and my husband's. I had it hanging up in our bedroom before we moved and now it is in a box in our new one. In it, we are both smiling...and I was so relieved to remember that fact the other night while watching this show, because I think that lately, I have spent a lot of time frowning and regañando the kids. It scares me because I want my children's memory of me to be one of how much I love them - not how I was constantly criticising or disapproving. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for discipline and not being afraid to say "no." I think our kids need to learn self-control and not just indulge themselves whenever they want. But I do believe it can be done firmly and lovingly without anger and impatience. ¡Ay! Do I need to listen to myself!
I know that I have way too much on my plate which is making me tired and irritable. It is time to slow down and relax and enjoy playing with my kids. It is not too late to change things.
I strongly suspect that there are a lot of hard-working mamás out there who can relate to this post. So today and tomorrow and the day after that, take a little time to snuggle your child. Start with 5 minutes and you'll be surprised how quickly it becomes 10 then 15. Or sit down and read a book, watch a family movie, play a game that THEY want to play, or make a cake. Whatever. It seems so simple, but the rewards are so very, very great.
Stop and think about it...Are YOU famous? And if so, what kind of face would your child draw?

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