Sunday, July 13, 2008

Calla Lily Baby Shower Theme

It has been a while since I have posted on the topic that so many of you are researching when you discover this blog. Since I have several entire web pages dedicated to throwing a Latin Baby Shower (see here and here) I keep forgetting to post ideas and such on Mi Cielito Lindo.
SO to make up for lost time and energy, this post is focusing on the subject of themes. There are quite a few that can be chosen to incorporate a Latin flavor (ie., tropical, fiesta, Spanish nursery rhymes, etc.) but for those of you looking to have a more sophisticated and elegant shower that still reflects the beauty of the cultura Latina, may I suggest using calla lilies as your theme?

The calla lily is a very popular flower in Latin America. There is some disagreement over its use in that some people feel that it is mainly used at funerals (mainly in Costa Rica,) while others tout its elegant and romantic value. I recently found the most beautiful fabric whose print depicts a young hispanic couple holding a basketful of calla lilies. The feeling it imparts is incredibly romantic and beautiful.

So, if you are interested in a calla lily themed baby shower, how about using some of the following ideas?

Purchase a bouquet of calla lilies and use the flowers to create a simple or elaborate centerpiece. You can even put together a beautiful wreath or fan-shaped decoration for the front door using the lilies. And don't forget to save one of the flowers to use as a corsage for the mami-to-be!

Many party stores carry calla lily themed cups, plates and napkins, including The Rosemary Company and Party Wedding. Other decorative touches can be found at Gary Daniel's Home and Garden and especially ebay!

Decorate the cake with real (or fake) calla lilies, too. To spare no expense, have an ice sculpture made of a single flower.

For party favors, consider giving items like little calla lily-shaped soaps, coasters, candles, magnets or pens. Favor Ideas has a huge collection of favors that I really like.

And, of course, Latin Baby is now carrying a bilingual shower invitation with a calla lily design in two color ways (both shown above.) The first is a deep, rich mauvish color for more formal showers while the second is a bright yellow that is fun and festive while still maintaining the feeling of elegance and simplicity.

As always, whatever your theme, I would love to see and even post pictures of your Latin Baby Shower. So don't hesitate to send them to me!

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