Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Benefits of Breastfeeding

Una amiga mia just had a baby. So sweet. I was surprised when I get a little email from her mamá saying that she is having trouble nursing the baby. While researching some information for her, I stumbled across an article that described how in many countries, mothers are under the impression that feeding their babies formula must be better than breastfeeding because it is more expensive.

Yak! If that is the reason for giving your baby formula over breast milk, then keep reading...

Did you know...
That human breast milk has over 300 ingredients, including interferon, whiteblood cells, antibacterial and antiviral agents, while formula has only 40 ingredients?
It also resembles blood more than milk due to the many live cells called macrophages, which kill bacteria, fungi and viruses?
Human milk has been shown to kill cancer cells in a laboratory dish and has been used in oncology?
In some parts of the world, donated organs are bathed in breastmilk for its protective factors?
In an effort to spread a little knowledge about the wonderful benefits of breastfeeding (both for your baby as well as for you!!!) here are some links worthy of your attention...

To read a wonderful list of benefits to both babies and mothers, click here.

For information on the importance of human milk, click here.

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