Friday, February 1, 2008

Pies Calentitas....

Few things bring back the memory of mi 'buelita faster than the sharp, clear smell from a jar of Vicks. For the last week, I have been battling The Flu. Both mis niños have been hit hard (possibly with 2 strains, I am told) as has my husband. My youngest has had it the worst with several fever spikes up to 105 degrees. Cold showers were becoming a routine for him, but finally the antibiotics and the antiviral meds have kicked in and we have not had a fever now for almost 48 hours. Hallelujah!

But now The Flu is fighting back with a severe case of coughing. Nights are the hardest. Despite various props (extra pillows, blankets under one end of the mattress, etc), my kids insist on laying flat. The first night, after an hour of non-stop coughing, I finally cracked out my 'buelita's secret nice blue bottle of Vicks Vaporub. I can't figure out how this stuff works so well, but a little dab on the bottom of each foot followed by some nice comfy calcetines and...tada!

Buenas noches, mi'jitos!

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