Friday, February 22, 2008

The End of the Waiting...

You guys know by now that I don't normally "dish" on celebrities. There are plenty of other blogs and what-have-yous that focus on that. However, I must admit that this morning brought a satisfying end to The Waiting.
It has been a big year for Latinas - with regards to having families. I know I am not the only Latina who has been eagerly awaiting the transitions of Salma Hayek, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez from celebrities to first time mamis. And I sit and ask myself - why do I care? Why is this so fascinating and, yes, even exciting?

I think that for me (and probably so many others) these women sort of symbolize so much of what we grew up thinking a Latina should be...strong-willed, intelligent, opinionated, talented, successful, beautiful, passionate. We admire them for their achievements in a world that is sometimes a little too white and not very supportive of Hispanics and their dreams. They are what I want to be - strong. But at the same time soft and sexy. I want to have that stubborn persistence that it takes to make my dreams a reality without being labeled aggressive and "pesada."

Take Salma with her ability to stay true to her roots and "make it" in the business. She isn't ashamed of her heritage, in fact, she is quick to make movies and TV shows that portray it both seriously and with laughter. She has catapulted Latinas to the front of the line, showing how they are both smart and beautiful.

Or Christina, with her fantastic voice, she is making it to the top of the music industry - without psychiatric interventions. Despite all the fame, she seems to be a rather level-headed woman who is able to manage her affairs without scandal. She doesn't make a big deal about her Latin heritage, but she doesn't shun it either.

And then there's Jennifer. The wealthiest Latina in Hollywood (according to Forbes anyway). She has talent coming out of her ears (and other parts). Yet, despite all the glamour, fame and riches, she has shown us that happiness doesn't always come from money. And she reminds us just how important la familia really is.

So the long wait has come to an end. I have cheered for Salma, clapped and shouted for Christina, and now I have smiled and rejoiced for Jennifer.

Why is this such a big deal? Because now, these women join us. They are no longer celebrities... they are now mamás. Like us, they will now experience joy, sadness, worry, confusion, wonder, amusement and so much more over their children.

And despite all their accomplishments, now they begin what will be (possibly) their most important job in this life - raising a child...molding a life.

Felicidades... and welcome to The Mamihood!

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