Thursday, February 21, 2008

Child Proofing your Casa...

Tonight, I had one of those rare evenings to myself to relax and obsess over my favorite show...Lost. Typically I am not a TV watcher. Between running a business from home and running after niños all day long, there's really just not enough time. However, la familia knows not to bother me on Thursday nights when Lost is on. They also know not to pay attention to my surprised shouts, exultant exclamations (ah-HA!), and agonized grumblings.
Oftentimes, though, things don't work out and I have to rely on my gracefully aging VCR to record it. But I'm afraid she isn't going to last much longer - no fault of her own, though. You can imagine my surprise and aggravation earlier this week, when I peeked in her little door to see if I could determine the cause of the hiccups and twitters I was hearing, only to discover a favorite photo from the fridge pushed way in the back. Little fingers mush have been busy while mamá's back was turned as she washed dishes.

It took me almost an hour and a half dozen kitchen utensils to get it out. Amazingly, the vcr is working perfectly now.

So I'm thinking it is time to invest in a nice VCR guard. If you are in the market for one, too, check out for some great deals in baby proofing for your casa. To see all their safety products, click here.

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