Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Encouraging Bilingual Families

Last month I found a wonderful resource for bilingual families. Geared for children ages 7 to 12, Iguana Magazine is the only Spanish language magazine for children here in the U.S. Christianne Meneses Jacobs is the founder and publisher of the magazine which she created with her husband, Marc, as a way to help their daughters retain their Spanish language and appreciate their Latino heritage.

Christianne sent me some samples of the magazine and I LOVE them! The magazine is rich with stories, poems, fun facts, scientific experiments, historical anecdotes, interviews, recipes, crafts and much, much more. The illustrations are fun, colorful and entertaining for los niños. Overall, it is one of the best magazines for children that I've seen. So give your children a birthday gift this year that will challenge their minds the whole year through.

Thank you, Christianne! You have done a wonderful job giving life to your dream and it is making a real difference in this world!

To check the Iguana web site, click here.

Para Español, aqui.

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